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The Volvo XC40 Recharge full electric is our third car we’ve purchased at Autohaus but first electric car. The XC40 is very dependable and extremely easy to drive. The battery holds well even at low temperatures. We had been researching EV's for a while, drove all the EV's on the market and after test driving the Volvo XC40, we've decided to purchase the car from Autohaus. The buying process was smooth and easy. Greg and Maggie answered all our questions and concerns. We definitely recommend buying the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

- Tomek S.

2021 Volvo XC40 413 white (2).JPG

I just wanted to share my experience in purchasing and driving an all-electric vehicle from Autohaus Inc.  I had been researching electric vehicles for quite some time but was concerned that I might have to give up performance and convenience in my desire to go green.  After test driving, I purchased the XC40 Volvo Recharge from Greg and Maggie, and I did not have to sacrifice a thing.  In fact, I gained my love for driving again!  I am a long time BMW lover and was addicted to the tight steering and suspension that I thought only BMWs could offer, but I was wrong.  The Volvo XC40 Recharge offers all that and more.  The pick up is so quick, it takes off like a rocket.  The car responds without any hesitation, and the creature comforts are too numerous to mention.  It will take me many months to learn all there is to learn and experience about  the Recharge, but I have already been approached several times by folks remarking on the  ‘sexiness’ of the Recharge and asking about my experience driving such a unique vehicle. With its sleek design and two-tone color, it certainly stands out in the crowd!  Greg and Maggie made the purchasing experience easy and stress-free, and answered any remaining questions I had about electric vehicles.  I am a true believer in electric, and would definitely recommend the XC40 Volvo Recharge to anyone, in fact, I already have!

- L.G.

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I purchased my first car, a BMW 530i from Autohaus in 2002. It now has 175,000 miles and runs excellent. Since then I have purchased 8 cars with a value of over $250,000. Greg and his staff always have done the "right thing" in taking care of my needs in a professional, honest approach. I am 100% comfortable recommending him to anyone seeking a car and or service.

- Dan C.

I have purchased 3 vehicles from Gregg and Maggie since 2006. My first was a 2005 Acura RL with 13,000 miles. The vehicle was serviced at Autohaus during the time I owned it.. I sold the vehicle with 118,000 miles on it - AND GOT TOP $$$ for it. And I believe it had a lot to do with the honest and excellent Service from Gregg and his staff! Then I went back and purchased my 2nd vehicle (April 2011) a 2009 BMW 328 x Drive with 25,000 miles on it. Again the vehicle was serviced at Autohaus. I recently sold the vehicle (November 2014) with 108,000 miles on it and again got top $$ for the vehicle. In December of 2014 I  purchased my 3rd vehicle from Autohaus, a 2013 BMW 535 x Drive loaded. I look forward to many more car purchases from Autohaus!

Plain and simple - Gregg ALWAYS sticks to his word with "Professional and Honest Service". If you are in the market for a vehicle I would highly recommend Gregg and his staff.

You will not be disappointed!!!

- Conrad B. Stratford

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My wife and I have purchased five cars from Greg since 2006, and each experience was terrific. In addition to a great selection of vehicles and prices, Greg and his staff provide terrific customer service, before, during and after the sale. Greg and his team have built an outstanding reputation by being honest and doing business without any gimmicks.

Simply said, there really is no better place to buy a decent used car. You'll get the attention you desire as a customer and the service you need for your vehicle from business owners who really care.

- Eric & Krista B, Watertown, CT

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Greg and Maggie's Autohaus gets the highest marks from us!!

Starting in 2005-2006 we chose a super looking BMW coupe and a great Audi Quattro that we enjoyed for (8) years. Recently we both upgraded-( I grabbed a dynamite BMW convertible, my wife chose a beautiful Mercedes 300 4-Matic) both in great condition, with low miles and with great Autohaus warranty coverage(which is like getting a personal experienced service technician ).

All these years, we never had to worry, as we knew of Greg's integrity and honesty. It's like an extension of your family, with mutual care both ways. We heartily recommend Autohaus to all, for an opportunity to own a safer, higher class of car, for a fantastic price along with piece of mind.

- Don and Lynn G.

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Autohaus, Inc. presents a rather unique customer-oriented experience in purchasing a used car. Excuse yourself from the nervous-anxiety offered by pushy salesmen with their hi-stress pitch and enter into a relaxed atmosphere, aided with the focused delivery of knowledge and patience, which revolves around a varied product line that represents great value. Greg and Maggie embody the quintessential business lessons of matching high quality with great service. They earn high marks for delivering on both. We could not be any more pleased.


- Del and Maria G. Southington , Ct.

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Dear Greg, and Maggie

This is an e-mail that is long over due. I got to thinking today that it's been thirteen years since the purchase of my first car. (1998 BMW  M-3) I subsequently purchased two more.(2006 BMW 330i, and a 2008 BMW M-3) I can't say enough about how much I have enjoyed my car buying experience. In fact, it's been a lot of fun! No pressure, no "sales pitch". Just honest advice. I enjoy recommending you to my friends, and family. Greg, your passion, and integrity is an unstoppable combination.(you to Maggie) I look forward to many more cars from Autohaus!

Be well.

- Frank S.

PS Elli says hello, and echos my thoughts.(2002 Ford/2006 Infiniti)

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It has been three years since I made my Prius purchase from Autohaus Inc.

It was unequivocally, the best purchase decision I have ever made. I had commuted 240 miles daily for 15 years so you could say I am somewhat of an expert in auto sales, service and dealerships.

The service, quality of the product (no problems whatsoever) integrity/honesty and just plan auto “smarts” of Greg Kozlowski and his team still impress me. I cannot say enough about the buying and service experience I have received. You cannot find a better dealership to do business with than Autohaus.

- Frances C.

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I wanted to take a moment to let you know how thoroughly satisfied I am with the recent 3 series BMW (2007) convertible that I bought! The car was in perfect working order when delivered and is much better than I anticipated. This is my second purchase from Autohaus and both vehicles have met the highest standards and I have enjoyed them greatly!

Some people have questioned how I could buy a car unseen over the internet and have it shipped across the country sight unseen. All I can say is that it's because of the fabulous price and quality of the vehicle. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks again,

- JR, Phoenix, Arizona

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Buying a car from Autohaus is an experience like no other. . . I bought my car (a land rover product) without test driving it! Greg and his team are true professionals who don’t do any fancy sales pitches.  They are technically competent throughout the process. The team walks the talk -- repair work is done promptly and very efficiently. If you need a loaner for any reason they have a few available.

I don’t know why anyone would buy a car from anywhere but Autohaus. Greg and team put the word custom in customized vehicle purchase experience!  I dare anyone to try them. You will be pleasantly surprised.

- A.S.

My family and I have purchased 2 vehicles from Autohaus and currently in the process of buying one more. Greg and Maggie are a great team to work with. I decided to go to Autohaus to look at an Audi they had available a few years back and buying it was a great decision. Greg and his team know a tremendous amount about cars and only invest in cars that will turn out to be a good buying decision for customers. You can not compare buying a car from Autohaus to any kind of used car lot and it is much better than going to a new car showroom and dealing with pushy sales people and back office finance people. Never mind how bad of an experience it is dealing with a used car lot as that is the worst and I have experienced the worst in the past. Greg and his team are no pressure, knowledgeable Car Technologists. Very nice family and people to do business with. I purchased an Audi A6 for my son and he loves it. I purchased a Lexus 460 for myself and it is my favorite car ever. We are now waiting on Autohaus to deliver a BMW 328xi and we cant wait for it to be ready. Very good decision to buy from Autohaus and we highly recommend it. Thank you.

- The Gaudio's

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We have purchased 7 cars from Autohaus and every time we have never been disappointed with the product, service and results. Greg and Maggie are first class people that treat you like family. Do not be apprehensive about buying a car from them. You are treated like family and will not be disappointed.

- Howard A.

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My husband and I purchased our 2008 BMW 528xi from Autohaus, Inc. and could not be more satisfied with the price, service and friendly staff at Autohaus.  This was our first purchase from Greg, but will not be our last!  It's comforting to know that I can call Greg anytime I have a question about my car, and he is always available and answers my questions and gives advice. He truly cares about his customers. Greg's honesty, integrity, and knowledge of his products is priceless!  I highly recommend Autohaus!

- John & Cheri C

The best thing about buying a car from the owner (Greg) is first and foremost a mechanic at heart and not just a sales person. He tells you the truth, plain and simple, and really knows his stuff. The buying process was smooth with no pressure. The assurances were the best. The 3 small problems (at no fault to the dealership) over a year later he fixed with no cost at all and with incredible speed. Overall, I would recommend my family and friends to drive the extra distance for quality and peace of mind. Please check him out before buying your next car because you won't be disappointed.

I'm Robert Patterson and I approve this message!

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In my opinion Autohaus Inc delivers the highest levels of commitment, dedication and customer service to their customers.  I have purchased 2 cars from Greg, a 2007 Lexus GS350 AWD and a 2009 BMW 535i with X Drive.  The GS350 was in perfect condition and was unfortunately hit from behind and totaled in December of 2010.  I had absolutely no issues with the car from day one and actually received more from the insurance buy-out than I paid for the vehicle.  Greg even saw to my needs with a loaner vehicle during the transition period.  The 535i is perfect in every way.  Greg went out of his way to assist with summer tire & rim purchase and installation.  He quickly serviced my brakes and high pressure fuel pump issues that were covered under warrantee and provided a loaner for the service timeframe.  Greg’s level of honesty & integrity combined with his knowledge of the products he provides place him in a category second to none in his industry.  I am very comfortable recommending Gregg and his team to anyone looking for a quality used vehicle.  Thanks Greg, I appreciate you and your team of professionals.

- Kelly W, Sandy Hook , CT

I have purchased 6 vehicles from Autohaus Inc. since 2002. In each instance, Greg delivered a quality and reliable automobile. He takes great pride in his product. On the rare occasion that an automobile requires follow-up servicing, Greg has always addressed it expeditiously and with a smile. I see no reason to purchase my vehicles from anyone but Autohaus in the future.

- Mike W.

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